A new AoE Title

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Admittedly, there is so much content for age now, that this is likely a long way off. But, I was thinking about directions for the franchise and what would be interesting.

I have recently started getting into l’Art del guerre, a 15mm miniatures game, and they break down era’s into ancient, medieval etc. With a bunch of sub division, equivalent to dark age, feudal etc.

The ancient civs are pretty cool. A lot of variety. I used to play a lot of Warhammer, but have drifted since fantasy battles stopped.

I was thinking about AoE 1 and the potential for a rethink there. I think there are a lot of “ancient” empires and civs that could be explored that would stay in familiar territory but really offer something new. In a similar way, but learning lessons from mistakes, to AoE4, I think that something new and exciting could be created by looking further into the past for inspiration.

Given that when the word “empire” springs to mind, for me at least, my word association would be Rome. There is so much to explore here, rethink (in the context of AoE 1) and leverage. Yet, unless you are in Vietnam and part of the strong AoE 1 community there , you have likely not invested much time into AoE 1 or this rich content.

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I would love a new Age game set in antiquity with the classic Age feel. Age of Empires DE was a good start but fell short of II and III in terms of expected features.


Yes, it is definitely necessary! :), it would be perfect for AoE V, it’s a bit strange to have a medieval, mythological and colonial game in 3D, while classical antiquity is still in 2D with that exaggerated limitation. The same thing happened to me before with AoE 2 before the IV arrived, despite having a DE it is still 2D with many limitations and generic things.

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I wish they’d start updating 1DE again, maybe get a new development team just for it, and add some of the features introduced in latter games (like trade carts and UUs).


AOM DE with ancient civs

I hear you. To be honest, it was looking at table top minis for that era that made me feel like there is a huge potential to explore more without upsetting the eco-system that is already there. Or at least, not getting the same level of negativity that has come with the whole AoE2 v AoE4 games. There are many potential games, table top and RTS and turn based to take inspiration from while still treating something unique, that fits well into the AoE universe.

Picturing a really well constructed Roman campaign, or Greek/Macedonian campaign, with the level of detail that went into the docu style bonus material of AoE4 would be amazing.