A new idea for Euro Civs - Alliance shipments

To steal an idea from Native civs and give it to the Euro civs( ha ha). I think there is something that can give Euro civs a bit more unit flexibility, while being historical.

Similar to the Support shipments that native have and how hauds, Aztec and Inca can get Euro units through shipments, I propose to give Euro civs shipments that gives them units( at a cost, allies all have costs) from other Euro civs, representing the myriads and webs of alliances that makes up the history of the continent.

You don’t need to give them all shipments from all other Euro civs, but a few key historical alliances can be highlighted

  • France & Otto alliance - the the sacrilegious union of the lily and the crescent,
  1. Otto can gain a skirm shipment, which boost their anti infantry power relative to more costly abus guns.

  2. France can likewise gain abus, which while meh can be a good anti-artillery shipment( or great bombards, though then it would be industrial and I want this mostly in age 3, spahi feels weird cause France already have Gendarmes )

  • Brit & Port - The longest alliance in history
  1. Brit can get Cassadors, which gives them another temporary skirm option besides Roger’s Rangers
  2. Port can maybe get Longbows but that feels useless ( maybe give them rockets, again for industrial)
  • Spain & Germans - Representing the relations and rule of the Habsburg in both realms
  1. Germans can get Spanish lancers or Rods, or Musks (Musks maybe best)

  2. Spain can get war wagons

For the rest I can’t really think of any 2 way alliance ( and there are 3 left) so there are going to be a few one way alliances

For Dutch - British Musks representing the Glorious Revolution and also English aid to the Dutch during the Eighty Year’s War ( might make for a mean meme stadhouders sudden spam)

For Russia - German Uhlans representing the ~cough~Partitions of Poland~cough~

For Swedes - Otto Abus guns representing that time Charles the 12th camped in Ottoman territory to convince the Sultan to go to war with Russia

These are just some ideas off the top of my head, would welcome comments and discussion

edit cause I didnt know how lists work lol


The idea is not bad, but this is precisely the role that Mercenaries are supposed to fill.
Native civs get Euro unit shipments, because they were supposed not to have Mercs.

I honestly think it is silly, and would love for Native civs to have Mercenaries, or a way to hire their Euro allies more consitently and repeatedly.

I think mercs are specialists that does their role well at high but effective cost.

These are being envisioned as cheaper shipments that hopefully targets holes in the armies of the allying countries as alliances are supposed to be.

Like I dont think germany even gets highlanders to fill in their musks role. We could even make this an infinite shipment to sort of bolster their use. In sort of the same way that Swedes gets an infinite skrim shipment in age 3. Heck turn that into an alliance shipment

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I like it. I really like when cards have some history behind them. I think it would be to much of a change to what the devs are currently doing but would make a neat mod.