A new multiplayer mode

I personally believe there should be a mode where a whole team is controlling a single civ double the population limit like if there is 2v2 then pop could be 400 or 500 nd in 4v4 800 or 1000. It will gonna need insane lvl of coordination

This could be interesting if fleshed out right. Maybe not the same civ but the team uses the same civ and resources. I think if they were a single team issuing orders to units would be a problem

Kind of like coop? Where you all just pick the same color? Already exists unless you mean you want it in ranked, that would be a nightmare, never know who you’re fighting lol. Works better on maps like Budapest or Metropolis. Maybe just an option where your team shares resources would be nice.

Yes thts wht i meant its like a whole team is a single player

And to ignore those issues they gonna need a hell of coordination as only one player can’t exercise maximum power of their civ cuz then it will hold other players back

No not the same volour i mean whole team as a single player where a villager can be controlled by whole team​:rofl::rofl::rofl: it would be fun as i said it will gonna need hell of a coordination between players of same team

This is already possible. If you pick the same color, then you all playing the same civ. So coop is already possible into the lobby.

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Nope cuz it won’t give u same resources whole team wont be controlling same villager

Well, would only make it even more unfair if premades (maybe coordinating via Discord) are matched with randoms. This already is a nigthmare, but in this gamemode someone who dont have friends playing AGE can just quit it altogether

When i started online gaming i didn’t had many friends but later on i started making friends in games plus it would be fun nd as i said they have to take the help of discord

Yes, it does.


You see three players pick blue. They all control the same units and use the same resourses. So what you asked is already possible in the lobby.


I nvr knew it happened already