A new raider UU that steals resources

So, we have the keshiks that produces gold while attacking. I thought on a twist of this, for another UU.

What if there is an UU that can steal resources from the enemy? This could work in one of these two possible ways:

  1. When they kill a villager, if that villager was carrying resources, those resources go to the player of the UU. This is cool, although it is like a different way to produce resources rather than stealing. On the other hand it is not oppressive, because the player of the dead villager doesn’t lose anything extra (the resources are lost when a villager dies anyway).


  1. When this UU attacks a villager, the villager loses part of the resources that are carrying and those resources go to the player of the UU. The unit wouldn’t be very strong. The villager wouldnt die, but the resources are gone, so it is useful for raid. This would work for trade carts also, or for fishing ships if the unit is a ship.

The other option is to steal resources when attacking buildings, or just town centers, but that could be veeery oppressive.

What do you think? It could be a bandit, a pirate…


This was a removed feature from the original game beta,the raider civis had units which would steal resources for the enemy’s stockpile or generate resources when they took out buildings.

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The idea could work…only issue I have is how balanced it would be?

It might be tough to add a resource-steaking mechanic into the game, and make it worthwhile enough to be viable while at the same time, not overpowering or extremely game-changing.

I think it should be balanced as long you don’t kill the villager, so it should be a weak unit.

O can see that op and causing an unstoppable snow ball effect. But if you only steal the resources that villagers are carrying, you are limiting the stealing effect

Already exists, Tatar UU, keshik

He produces gold, doest steal it

Attacking villagers with resources is too much micro for a small amount.

This is a really interesting idea. As you say, it doesn’t cost the opponent anything (they lose the resources either way when the villager dies).

Why not make it a civ bonus or civ-team bonus that applies to all of their units? Find an existing civ that is normally not aggressive in early game and give them this bonus.

Does Capture Age show stats on ‘resources lost’? I wonder whether this bonus would be underwhelming or OP?

The bonus sounds interesting but pretty unreliable. Keshik’s approach is more abstract but accountable for.

For civ bonus could work… It is a weak eco bonus, but it also affects the opponent, it could work.

Very interesting idea, I think this could work very well for my Champa civ proposal, which has a UU named Champa Pirate that is specifically designed to raid villagers and trade carts.

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