A new trigger suggest: contamination

We’re now in the era of COVID-19. So, I imagined a new trigger: Contamination.

Effects of Contamination:

  1. Makes a unit have damages periodically for a while.
  2. Makes the unit have a contamination range in which another unit gets contaminated.
  3. The contaminated unit contaminates another unit in the same manner.
  4. Contamination can be overlapped or not when affected by two contaminated units.
  5. When the contaminated unit is garrisoned in a Castle, Ship, or Ram, then all the others in it get contaminated either. However, after the duration time, it cures. So, garrisoned units in the building won’t die unless the periodical damage is higher than the cure rate.

So, maybe some sections would be needed: Player, Object unit, Damage, Period, Duration, Range, and Overlap yes/no.


  1. Zombie apocalypse
  2. The black death in Europe
  3. And so on you like :slight_smile:
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You can do all of them but #5 with triggers, just do negative heal and area of effect when unit gets close to X and stuff.

That contamination area is perfect for a corpse catapult

What’s your obsession with corpse catapult? The meat wagon of Undead in warcraft 3 is basically your wish

On-topic: I think there’s a mod that has zombies in them, forgot the name of the mod.

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I watched a movie called the medic, I think, and a corpse catapult had huge impact in a war, and I was shocked. Also, more siege unique units, instead of Calvary, is welcome. At lest the sicilians brought new infantry