A permanent option for small trees in game settings

I would like to know [Title] from your experience, is this possible?
Heck Yes : Why not done it already?
maybe : if the lord wants it you shall have it. Lets pray then!
No : Any part of AOE II DE does not care for my feelings.

Any case lets discuss how to progress on this?

What will be really different compared to just enable the mod?
That it wouldnt be turned off after a patch/hotfix? That seems to only difference between the current situation and your suggestion?

Or do i dont understand your suggestion?

This was asked multiple times in the beta and it sounded as if it was not possible to create a toggle for a graphic switch. As you’ll notice, event rewards from the devs are also a mod.

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Yes, the birch trees ruin my games, and after an update mods don’t get updated upto 3-4 days, that is the issue.

yes… i also tire of having to re-activate something like 20 mods every time they patch the game… like maybe its ok with a big patch, but a hotfix? ugh

first world problems :smiley: