"A player disconnected' message when trying to enter a ranked match

Sometimes when I try to play ranked, I get the message ‘waiting for other players’ and then there is a long delay and then it says ‘a player disconnected, the game has been cancelled’. No matter how many times I re enter the que, the same thing keeps happening over and over again. It happened a few days in a row maybe a month or two ago, and now it happened again just now. I can’t play online essentially. A month or two ago when it happened, I deleted all of my Inca decks and then recreated one and it seemed to fix it, or else that was a coincidence. Sometimes it happens occasionally, but then I am able to get another match the next time in que. What is going on and how can I fix it. By the way I have a 1 gigabit internet connection, and a ping of 10ms, am connected via an ethernet cord and I have a Dell Alienware desktop with a 3090 graphics card so it can’t be my hardware.