A player is stalking me AEO3 asian dynasties

Hey everyone. I am being stalked by a player called Le Civilisateur in AEO3 asian dynasties. He is widerspreading that i am hacker, with the only goal that everyone get me pested and even simulating that i was hacking in a FFA.

What could i do about it?. My nickname in the game is Vedicastrologer

Nothing. Ignore him and move on. He can’t hurt you in any way.


Yeap i know but its pretty annoying how he is using even another counts to make the impossible for all pest me, i will ignore him but i can tolerate that.

In order to make new accounts in this game you have to buy it again. He can’t keep it up forever.

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Just get this


A mi un tipo de la comunidad hispana me acuso de lo mismo diciendo que soy hacker y que me hiba denunciar a eso online, el tipo me escribio por discord hace un par de meses, pero obviamente lo bloquee, me decia que me quitarian mi cuenta por hacker y cosas asi, preferi no hacerle caso, pero eso si que me molesto, con que derecho vino a decir eso cuando en la vida habia usado hacks?

A mi me bardearon por no rendirme en una partida…los termine troleando jugando con la baraja de la francia napoleonica xd…

realistically if you care about playing multiplayer then its time to move on to DE.

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