A possible Eco Bonus :D

I think it would be lovely if a civ would have a building which combines the features of a lumber camp, mill and mining camp. The good thing would be, that you can build farms next to this buildings (you dont have to delete useless minig or lumber camps anymore) or safe wood if two ressources are next to each other. It has to count as two required buildings for reaching feudal age tho.


Its very niche and I dont think it would honestly be a good eco bonus. How often do you honestly see two resources close enough that you can optimally place one building and get both without that building being a town center. Also remember you routinely delete lumbercamps so even if it does work at that point it won’t be long before its not relevant

Easy to fix: Name it to Storehouse and make all the eco tech available in it, including Loom, Wheelbarrow and Town Watch.


That would definitely make it more relevant as it saves tc time.

you could do wheelbarrow without stopping vill production :open_mouth:

i agree that it"s a bit of a niche bonus. but i still love the idea.

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I don’t think it’s broken, because it’s still not free and Vikings exist.

You could still build farms next to it once the stone or gold is gone

Provided its in a good spot for it. Still very niche. Except with Cheshires change which I actually like

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its situational but it is definitely a big eco bonus in the early game, there’s a been a lot of games where gold and wood have been close, and of course being able to build farms there means you dont need to idle vils or double tier around the tc early on. same goes for deer and boar, instead of always having to go to the berry mill or tc, it adds a ton of flexibility.

obviously wont always be useful, but then we have garbage like kill wolves with 1 hit. or with the current meta, how often do koreans even use auto upgrading towers? its not rare, but i think the store house will have more use than that

If its close enough for wood and gold you aren’t gonna be putting farms there early on. That’s gonna be more like castle age if anything.

And many people wanr that changed to something different.

well in that case you get gold and wood for one building, if it isnt close enough for 2 then you put farms, and even then, 1 farm is still 1 farm on a single tier as opposed to double tiering at the tc + idle time from walking there… in the late game your outlying gold mines can instantly become farms and so forth. i think its extremely adaptable

A good concept, but it seems to be a bit on the weaker side, maybe like a sidebonus similar to free Herbal Medicine?

I like this idea - not too powerfull, but still makes a civ stand out. Maybe allow this building research every eco technology at smaller cost, but longer time?