A possible fix for unit targeting

Been really enjoying the game, however, my main issue so far is the unit targeting, especially archers. Using attack move anywhere near an enemy building is potentially game losing, as units close to buildings will prioritize these first, unless an enemy unit is within their “engage range”. The priority system that is in place right now is decent, however, expanding the “engage range” to also include the area around where you used attack move will greatly help, as archer units wont waste their damage on attacking stone wall towers, and actually hit the spearmen attacking your cavalry.
Would greatly love if a Dev could see this and work on it, as i believe it is an important quality of life update. This is, as far as i know, the same kind of system that warcraft 3 and starcraft 2 has in place.


This was reported many times before by casual gamers, pros and streamers/YouTubers (including myself) and all the betas.
Devs didn’t give a damn so far thumbsup
Game was thrown half finished on the market for triple AAA game price.


Game has a lot of attention to detail on many points, and i wouldnt say it is half finished, just needs a few fixes on some areas. Art, music and balance wise the game is on quite good terms

Then why not add them in one of all these long years before the release?

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