A random thought on elephants as shield

What if elephants can block projectiles like arrow/springals? It will make elephant + scholar a viable composition, also force opponent to attack from side wings. Sounds cool to me.
Not sure if it’s supported by the game engine, but I do see mangonel’s projectiles are blocked by trees in front of it before.

Springald projectiles are blocked by stone walls (or at least I find this in team games). So it can be supported, however I think this would throw balance out the window as elephant + scholar is already quite viable.

Nope. :expressionless: For scholars you just need 10 archers.

I think the situation for elephants now is they have no place in game. They are strong in melee combat, of course. But they are also too easily countered or kited, which makes their so called “adavntage” meaningless. The reason I think something like a shield mechanism should help them is that this solves the problem essentially by finding a new role in game as a protector, not some melee units with extreme but useless power.

Elephants already block projectile with their bodies.

Could have elephants just buff scholar ranged armor like the camels do for Abbasid infantry.

I like gimmicks but scholars are extremely niche as it is, especially in combat, so what significance would giving scholar range armor play except for the occasional WOLOLOO?

Having said all that i agree with your idea that Delhi, like Abbasid, should hone in MORE on special upgrades and buffs centered around elephants and scholars.

currently for elephantos we have Howdah fo Tower Elephants, War Beast? For War Elephants? And that’s it…??? Very very underwhelming for a faction alleged built on the Elephants as the center of its military prowess.

Scholars are a bit better though. Unique upgrades are: sanctity, efficient production, swiftness, all seeing eye and zeal* (zeal is useless and gonna make a thread on it).