A request to the devs: Please switch the Persians to the Central Asian architecture before release of their rework

It’s gonna take more than a simple architecture switch to satisfy me. We need more architecture sets, period.


That will be pretty surprising.

If you are going to start a petition, it is best to collect a larger number of things for necessary improvement.

  1. Persians civ could get Central Asian Architecture Set
  2. Bohemians civ could get Central European Architecture Set
  3. Cumans, Huns, Mongols civs + even Magyars civ could get brand new Nomadic Architecture Set (this may be added as a paid cosmetic DLC)
  4. Goths and Vikings civs could get brand new Northern European Architecture Set (this could be included in normal DLC focusing on this region)
  5. Chinese and Vietnamese civs could get Sinosphere Architecture Set (this could be included in normal DLC focusing on this region)
  6. Armenians and Georgians civs could get Caucasian Architecture Set for free for TMR DLC owners - at an inflated DLC price
  7. Mediterranean Architecture Set should be divided into two completely new ones: Iberian and Italian (this may be added as a paid cosmetic DLC)
  8. Byzantines and Bulgarians civs could get Byzantine / Balkan Architecture Set (this could be included in normal DLC focusing on this region)

Here on this list, there are even requests to create paid cosmetic DLCs, which would be an incentive to create and release such a DLC - both for players (new content even for old civs) and creators (additional source of income).


That’s not actually a good idea. Many ideas do not have an equally large consensus from the playerbase, and this could water-down support.

Plus a lot of what you suggested requires a hell of a lot more work from the devs than simply clicking a single button to switch an architecture set over.


Petitions are against the forum’s code of conduct, so probably best not.


We can still make one, we just can’t advertise it here.


devs meeting: this is what people wanted, this means we dont give it for free and charge money for it.


I’m late to this part of the discussion, but the middle eastern architecture set is definitely the one I dislike the most, at least out of the OG sets.

I like how you went on to suggest North European Architecture, 4 Mediterranean Architectures yet you forgot Andean Architecture.

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I wrote it quickly. I’ve written more than once about the addition of the Andean Architecture Set - but of course you haven’t seen it.

You forgot something else as well. Another continent. But of course you wrote quickly.

You mean Africa? Let’s start with the fact that Africa needs a few DLCs that add a lot of new civs - such DLCs should include completely new Architecture Set’s (that’s why I didn’t even include it).

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Is there no way to send an email to someone on the dev team in case they don’t browse these forums?

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Yes it gives follow this info@forgottenempires.net.

But do not expect an answer from the developers, they do not give any. I have already written several times, but years ago. They will yet read your emails, that is just how it is done here, we have to accept it like that.

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we may soon be left with no choice but to issue a fatwa upon the devs

Boy, that’s a great way to get what you want.

Please…just stop. No one here cares. You’re just annoying.

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oh its for sure coming, just in the form of dlc and need to pay

I know this is a joke, but something that might be a legitimately good idea would be $3 or so for a functionality that lets you toggle what architecture is used for all civs, so that people that want Persians Cent. Asia can toggle it, people that want them Middle East can leave it, people that want Bohemians Cent. Euro can toggle it, placates literally everyone because they can toggle the architectures used to whatever fits their preferences.


skins only dlc kinda sucks, unless theres a LOT of new skins in it. even $3 for just the Persian building fix imo is totally not worth it.

assuming the DLC Is worth the price, next would be how they’d limit mod from making use of these graphics and thats my biggest worry

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