A request to the devs: Please switch the Persians to the Central Asian architecture before release of their rework

I agree, what i’m proposing would let you toggle any civ’s architecture however you want, so it would affect more than just Persians, and could let people set things however they want.

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My hope is that we’ll get all new architecture packs as these cosmetic DLCs. IMO $3 or maybe even $5 would be worth it for all new architectures. Especially given that it seems the options for new architectures are either cosmetic DLCs or not at all.

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now that I think about it, they might not go this route. since they could have easily done 2 civ DLC with just 2 caslte + 2 wonder graphics for like $20 instead of brand new set of every buildings for $5.

datamod editing and changing engine dont cost them much, they do it on a monthly basis so its already paid to the employee who does them. extra time may include like scenario but surely they already got people on that too, so paying to artist for 3D destruction would cost the most and $5 just doesn’t make sense really.

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It looks like mosques in Egypt from the Fatamid era. But yes, not very good representation for Turks or Persians… Also I never understood why the top of the minarets was sliced like that…

Terrible design. This is what it looks like. Dome is too small; minarets wrong too.

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Basically like the scenario editor

Guys is this so difficult to keep this thread active?


I refuse to let this thread die. At the very, very least I just want the developers to acknowledge how much this change is desired.


Agreed, it’s one of the few things that really bugs me acoustically.


How long did it take for the Vietnamese set to get changed? Don’t stop


Another thing is that the architecture set will need to be changed, not just for Ismail campaign & Khorasan historical battle, but also for all the missions that the Persians appear in as an AI faction:

Barbarossa 6
Saladin 5 & 6
Genghis Khan 4
Atilla 1
El Cid 5
Prithviraj 4
Tamerlane 2
Babur 1
Tamar 3, 4 & 5



This can stay as it is.it would look odd to have the tatar buildings in spain.

Those were changed to Saracens.

It’s fine. DE fixed it already.


Ah good. I was going off the Wikia page and it was still saying that Persians were in El Cid, which I also thought was a bit strange. So for all the others, giving them Central Asian architecture would make sense.

Please Forgotten Empires! Persian Central Asian architecture 2024!


I am very excited to see, what the developers have in store for the 23 February… Whether it will be surprisingly good or soberingly bad…


To celebrate Lunar New Year and Buddhist New Year, we’re redesigning the Chinese and adding the Thais. In my dreams lmao.

The Chinese lunar year could be celebrated here on 23 February, the only question is just in what form… For this you should watch the Live stream in anycase.

Yes adding the Thais would make a good bridge between the Indian, East Asian and Southeast Asian civs.