A simple inquiry

I apologize if there are any existing threads regarding these topics, but I am genuinely curious about two things. Firstly, why is there no scoreboard present during matches? Secondly, why aren’t we able to view the entire map after a match? I’m having a good deal of fun with AoE 4 but I cannot for the life of me rationalize the omission of these two features in this new installment. Any insights would be appreciated.


I can’t justify the second, but I think the first one is to prevent people being able to tell when the other person has started building a landmark or something, because the score drops, due to being calculated partly of current resources. For example in AoE2, if you are paying attention and you see the other persons score drop by 60 points I think it is, you know that they just clicked up to Feudal, so you can semi-predict their strategy. I think the devs are trying to remove that in AoE4, although I think that it very much should be there, and maybe just don’t show resource drops in the score, but that’s just me.

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That’s a good point, but I mean, they want to hide when a player begins construction of a landmark, but then announce to the entire lobby when said landmark is finished being built? Seems a little odd. Personally, I think it’s a simple measure to eliminate the demoralization of players during a game if they see an enemy’s score skyrocketing past theirs. I don’t know. I suppose it’s not that big of a deal, it’s just weird not having scores displayed above the minimap. Not being able to view the map postgame is complete nonsense, however.

Yes, I think it is probably that as well, and quite likely another couple of factors as well.

I definitely agree with that. I haven’t actually brought the game, but in the beta, I played one game with a friend and this was super annoying, so I certainly agree.

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