Nowadays everybody knows that AoEII DE has become in a highly competitive game so, it is not unusual to see players -like me- viewing the games played by the player. Then, it would be nice to have a simple button -in the panel below, near to replay controls- to allow an “automatic mode” to swich player views -probably in mode “fixed view” to altarnte between players when the viewer doesn’t want to stay constantly doing it manually. For example when a player is eating, or simply, staying relaxed, it is probably that a player would thank to have a random -or not random- system to watch the game like an “automatic zapping” in TV. I think it would be useful 11.

My suggestion then:

  • Implement an automatic swtich to view replays -in fixed view mode-


To have a more efficient way to erase old replays saved to free memory space.

Excuse my English. So, what do you think about?

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