A small change to african civ start

I have been thinking about small changes that could be done to maybe give hausa a more interesting start without changing the cows or villager start cause that feels stable.

So a small change to hausa that would utlilise its unique mechanics (and this may apply to Ethiopia as well) is to start with a Griot/ Abun.

Its a small change but it does a couple of things (especially for Hausa)

  • speed up fight and recovery from bulky treasure fights
  • act as early scout (kinda of a thing with trinity opening for ethiopia but this would be faster)
  • More early eco (Ethiopia early transittion into monestaries while Hausa griots and can tasked on buildings for faster work rate and even slightly earlier age up)
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seria mais eficiente move o GRIOT para dentro do centro urbano para dar o bônus de treinamento porque as vezes o arraste militar incomoda um pouco e movem ele

seria interessante se começassem com 1 griot e menos uma vaca acho que seria justo,