A solution for boar laming (idea)

Add for boars defence stand when they are attacked by units(not by vils). Even if unit is in gaia “Los”.


  • You can’t lame boar with scout or unit;
  • Boar can be killed but it require more scout hp (it’s not worth it);
  • Vill lame it’s still valid (but it is so rare);
  • Boar lure with scout on maps like fortress or island will be not possible or people will find some way.

P.S. I don’t know if someone had similar idea, but I hope in one good day laming problem will be resolved somehow.

Strongly against it. Sometimes lame is the most viable solution to even out certain matchups. E.g. you generally want to lame Chinese because otherwise they get a massive advantage over you.

Laming is part of the game.