A Solution for Stone Walls

Just now, watching Daut vs. Bee on Winner Stays On, I feel strongly that stone walls have become a problem.

Now, I’m all for a defensive play-style. I’m a fan of watching Delhi games, they’re usually super fun – but the walls are built incredibly quickly. In fact, as we all know, it’s better to allow them to be destroyed and rebuild them nearly instantly.

One idea is to have them be very fragile while under construction, with, say, a fixed amount of HP. Would love to hear some thoughts.


My thought is that stone walls should have more health BUT their construction time is MUUUCH slower


The biggest issue i see is delhi infantry being able to build stone wall towers.
There is nothing wrong with walls when it comes to most civs, even china is not that painful and they build them much quicker. They can leave the speed construction for Delhi infantry but an army that can fight and build a massive tower that can shoot springald arrows is way too much, if you loose one fight it’s pretty much game over

accruing stone is actually barely useless to me why would I spend time and villagers accruing stone to build a wall that is going down with three bombard shots??? they should really boost walls… give them a lot of health so they really defend the base…

My thought is that stone walls should be much stronger but all units can target them.

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Stone towers need be moved to castle age.
All stone wall build times need to double.
Delhi military wall building in general needs to be double the villager time. So that’s 16 seconds per section for a villager to build stone wall and 32 seconds for delhi military to build stone walls sections. Do not double the time it takes to build stone towers. Leave the 1min build time as is.

Reparing a wall should always be faster than rebuilding.

Stone wall hp needs to start off at half the current hp but in imperial everyone gets a university upgrade that brings stonewall hp to 7k. IMO if you make it to Imperial and have the 1k res to upgrade your walls then you deserve to play the late stone walls game. But early walling of the whole map is not interesting, I believe there is a consensus on this opinion.