A stupid idea

I have an idea and it’s look as much as a good idea as a bad one. I am not convince that it need to be add to the game.
Add the ability to villager to raise the ground or lower it.
When you modify the ground high, it will appear foundations of one tile and will cost for example wood and stone.
It can be destroy during construction and then it will be like a normal ground.
If you lower the ground in contact of water, water will fill it.
I see it more like something fun than useful and can perhaps add some strategies.
Dark age is quite slow to create an emotional link between you and your city. Every one who play since the release of the game have in his mind this image :
And everyone have dream to build something similar but it was unpossible expect in scenario
What do you think?

People already complain about Walls, and you want them to be able to build Moats…


yes… it’s also why it’s very stupid
If contruct time is very long it’s not an issue, you will able to construct only small moats or perhaps it will replace water by mangrove.

I like, to set defensive spots with high ground.
I would do it 3x3 tiles reqyired space but only 1 tile actually elevated.
Elevation can’t stacks and 3x3 tiles should are empty.

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Every castle can be made on a hill and every villager can be safe behind a moat? No pls 11