A suggestion for Community Plazas

Instead of standing around idly, tasked units could sit down and gather around in a circle, like a communal gathering such as this historical Maori gathering, this artistic Haudenosaunee gathering, or this modern Mohawk gathering. This would make it clear that the villager or healer unit was tasked, and avoid confusion.


This is a great suggestion and I hope the developers check it and add it soon.

Right now Community Plaza looks like a forgotten building created by a designer in a rush. So many ways to upgarde it without looking unfun and this one is probably the easiest (and best) implementation.


Nice and simple, I like it. But how should Llama’s act?

Just ANYTHING but standing still/idle looking units will be good at this pont! man I miss the firepit SO MUCH! :c



All livestock must be able to work in the Inca’s CP. In addition, Haud and Lakota’s Healer should also be able to work on CP.

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It should be good to put a campfire in the center, can increase the connection between the new version and the old version

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The intention is more clear while you fill the plaza: who’s “staring around idly” is actually part of a pair engaged in a chat, which is “filled” by the next villager when (and if) assigned. A conceptually simple solution could be this: when a villager is assigned to the plaza, and is elected to be part of a chat, one of the walking villagers stops walking and joins the chat; if no villagers are in the plaza, the new assigned one starts walking. In this way, no villager could be seen “chatting with nobody”.

The treasure guardian has a sitting and chatting posture, I think it should be added

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There’s also the storyteller native settlement prop, which has a man sitting down telling stories and 3 children sitting and listening, as well as some sitting native holy site props with people on benches.


Great idea! Also it would be nice to somehow visualize how many healers/Warrior Priests are currently tasked to Community Plaza.

nothing yet from a dev???

I like this idea very much, I don’t know how well it would fit Inca and Aztec specifically tho. Perhaps they deserve something appropriate to their cultures as well at least in the building’s aesthetic.

I like to play with this civs, and especially in treaty games is a Problem because you have 25 less villagers gathering resources which is a disadvantage of course, thats why I like the Incas and a little bit the Aztecs with the priests warriors.

I thought the units tasked to the community plaza going idle was a bug. :thinking:

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Nope, just a poor “fix” to the dancing situation.

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Yikes. Alrighty then.