A suggestion for (limited) trade

In original Age of Empires 1, the dock generates “the merchandise” value, which limits the number of trade ships trading with the dock, so the player can not assign unlimited trade ships to the single dock.

In the AoE2 and AoE4 , the player can assign 100 traders to the 1 market / docks and make unlimited gold, which decreases strategic value of the gold IMO

So I would like to re-introduce this mechanic - to limit the assigned traders to single market/dock in practice, at least in seperate trade mode


That can be a good way to limit a trade boom. The Merchandise value can regenerate slowly at the beginning then faster the longer the game goes on.
This mechanic would also make more traders have diminishing returns similar to having 15 villagers building a landmark or keep.

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Yes, I see see it as very simple and effective way to limit endless gold from trade introduced in AoE2.
The trade will will remain effective, just limit the attached traders in practice.

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Unlimited gold is ruining the game.

I do think limits need to be put on trade.