A suggestion for the Explorer naming

First post here, so hopefully I’m submitting this to the correct forum. I think there’s a simple improvement that could be made for naming Explorers. Currently, the interfaces that use the Explorer name are as shown:

As you can see in 1., the Explorer name is the same regardless of skin selection. It would be nice to be able to assign a name to each skin, so the Morgan Black skin could be named Morgan Black, the Alain Magnan skin could be named Alain Magnan, etc. “Explorer Name:” could just be renamed to “Explorer Name for this Skin:”.

Handling 2. from the image seems very straightforward: just change the name at the top of the screen based on which skin is active. Or alternatively, you could just keep it as the Explorer name for the default skin. As for 3., I think it’s fine as is - it can just be the name selector for the default Explorer skin. You could also make a different name field for each skin, but maybe that would be too clunky. Long term, you could even eliminate the Explorer name from 3. altogether since it’s redundant to 1., but it wouldn’t be feasible right now since not all civilizations have an Explorer button.

Anyway, hope this makes sense. I think my proposed changes would be very simple to implement and would add a little bit of extra customizability to the game. Let me know what you think!


I want the explorer name randomizer back from the legacy :frowning: