A suggestion on saving attentions for Lombards

When we are playing as Italians, espacially in the late games, we are often toubled with the Lombards investment number: if we invested too much, we wasted resources we can use in near future; if invested too little, either we spend more times on checking and investing and making other things more messed, or we may leave Lombards stop working and lost resources we might have.
Here is my suggstion to partly solove the problem: Add lombard resource icons like livestock markets.
Lombard Suggestion
In case for people who don’t now how livestock market shortcuts work, here is the picture about livestock market shortcut icons:
First icon means if you sell a cow now for coins, you can get 70 coin. And if you hold “ctrl” and left click it, you can immediately do the thing before: sell a cow and get 70 coin. Simmilar to the second icon but this one indicates wood rather than coins. This two icon makes people have no complainments about livestock market exchange mechanism when playing African civs and what a brilliant idea!
Below are my specific proposal:
Lombard Suggestion 2
when we playing Italians, there are three icons displayed here like livestock market icons. They looks like icons in Lombard, showing content food, wood and coin with blue borders. The number displayed at lower half of one icon shows this kind of resource amount remains in Lombards and if it reaches 0, that means the lombard is currently not converting this resource. Players can ctrl+leftclick the icons to interact with them which means invest 300 amount of this resource into Lombards.
By using this shortcuts, when playing Italians we don’t need to create a team for Lombards, can check resources every second if we want even when we are micro-operate a frontline fight, can invest resource by one click rather than three (find lombard, invest and switch back). And i think that’s should not be a big project for devs to add thess shortcuts since livestock market shortcuts are already present.


seria interessante também que o ícone que quando o valor investido estivesse próximo a acabar o ícone piscasse

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I agree. This would be very useful.