A Suggestion regarding TOWERS

Hey guys, I have a few ideas that I kept thinking about and just couldn’t get it out of my head without posting them here.

So, I was thinking about Towers and how much more impactful they feel to use offensively than defensively in Multiplayer games (enemies usually ignore Towers while raiding your economy because they barely damage any raiding unit, except for very specific civs like Britons or Japanese), while at the same time, getting Tower Rushed is absolutely frustrating and sometimes hard to deal with if you don’t see it coming before its too late.

So, my suggestions are as follows:

  • Towers and Palisades get a new armor called TOWERARMOR, this Armor Value is 0 while its UNDER CONSTRUCTION but increases to 5 after built.
  • Villages get 10 Damage vs TOWERARMOR and M@A get 5. Siege Weapons get 50, except Scorpions who only get 20.

This should fix tower rushes, as the towers will be much easier to bring down, specially if you spot it early. Now, to make Towers more useful defensively:

  • Towers get +1 Garrison Capacity, but the arrows fired remain the same. This is a slight buff to make them more attractive to use as villager protection.
  • Arrowslits bought down to the CA again, costs 250w/250s and provides +3 attack to all towers, regardless of type. (With its stone cost being worth 2 towers, this is arguably only worth it when you already have towers defending your base)
  • Keep +1 Attack.

This does not fix every single problem that Defensive towers have (like never hitting Raiding Cavalry or a fully-upgraded Keep (that barely any civ has with both Arrowslits and Bracer) taking 11 shots to kill a Hussar or 9 for Light Cavalry) but definitely makes them more of a threat protecting your economy than a simple annoyance, while at the same time, Siege gets stronger vs tower to compensate for its newfound power.

Sorry for the long post, I really deslike the state that towers are right now in Multiplayer games, they definitely need something changed and this is my suggestion.

Please share your thoughts and suggestions as well.

Nice pic, woods 5 is awesome.
It almost became common sense that the tower armor should be zero when under construction - i’d argue it should actually be negative. The garrison size could actually work, as a rusher won’t get any bonus to attack, except one extra vil to build faster.

Or attacking. If you already has a bunch of offensive towers, you would get benefits too. Sure, your castle age may be delayed, but the towers used to deny resources are most of the time only destroyed when the defender get acess to rams, sooooo big window to research the tech there. University would already be up, to research too (get tower upgrade and masonry).
I like the change to cost, tho. And +3 to all towers also helps civs without a complete tree for towers, so they can have it as an option to build in the late-mid portion of the game.
Don’t take my word for a pro, tho. I’m far for being one - and didn’t even reach my share of being tower rushed.

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Always happy to see another Woods of Ypres fan, we are so few and far between!!!

To be honest, I would like that for every building in the game. Makes no sense that an unfinished building can resist damage.

True, but you would’ve to rush CA, get University and then decide between Guard Tower or Arrowslits costing 2 towers worth, which you could instead build and get GT.

Don’t forget that with my suggestion, Siege is getting way stronger vs towers, so at castle age, towers become easier to deal with if they are unguarded near your base, unlike defensive towers which the enemy will have to get the siege through an army and other defenses to reach the tower.

Anyway, glad to see you liked my suggestions, sadly this didn’t get much attention :frowning:

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Or another random idea: different stats for defensive and offensive towers (offensive = tower is closer to enemy first TC than to own first TC).

Actually, that’s not a newfound power. Tower Push is a well known strategy and towers already were nerfed in DE (they used to have 1020 hp). I understand how frustrating it is to be towered, though.

Watch towers shouldn’t shot arrows unless you garrison them and should have the same hp as before (1020). That would be enough to stop tower rushing strategies as a way of life for some players. Anyways, I think towers are kind of balanced now.