A suggestion to improve playability without sacrifice the immersion

Hi, I have been thinking about ways to improve playability without sacrificing the immersion. I want to propose this:

I thought that AoE4 may have an option to put all the units with an intense colour that could be seen throught objects as buldings, trees… and their weapons could be pure white or of another color which made them easily distinguishable. It could be an option for those people who prefer playability over immersion.

These options could be activated at will by anyone who needs to identify every unit in every moment, and so, people who wants an immersive gameplay could play with objects, buildings, weapons… of correct proportions.

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Good quality shitpost…

I, for one, would gladly welcome such an idea.

As I already posted before about the subject, the units look more silly in comparison to the buildings, they look like giants and thus, allowing such a tech to be accessible would allow playability without breaking the immersion.

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