A suggestion

First of all, thank you to all the game developers, you have brought a very good game, it has brought me a lot of joy, I am very grateful. Bless the game to do better and better, more and more players.

First of all, I’m a dedicated gamer with 2,100 hours online, mostly playing Treaty mode. Next, I’d like to make a few trivial suggestions

About Italian civilization

Tanks, churches, Lombards, and rewards for annihilating enemies

The one I find most interesting is Da Vinci’s tank, and of course I also like many other civilization features. I hope the tanks are not disposable, but after the cards are issued, the production limit is 1 units, of course, the base value can be changed appropriately.

As for the church producing armies, it’s crowding out the ships, so hopefully there’s a shipping speedup card that improves the crowding out ships, or I think, sending troops out of the church, without taking up the ships, without modifying the training time.

Lombardy Bank, I think it’s as creative as a tank, game designer receives trophy! It is hoped that the Lombard bank deposit can be adjusted from 5k to 10k to reduce the trouble of operation.

Wants to amend the Italian Finance Minister card, which is set to earn a maximum of 3k coins, wants to remove the gold cap, like Mexico.

About Maltese Civilization

Both offense and defense are challenging, I think the Maltese civilization is a kind of tower defense game civilization, biased toward defense, so make some comments

There are many guard tower strengthening cards, fire soldier strengthening cards and guard strengthening cards, which occupy a large number of card slots. It is hoped that the function of card group can be merged

The second is to reduce the guard population to 1, modify the base value, make it look like a Portuguese infantry, but more powerful, by limiting the number of production and increasing the price of balance.

Finally, it is hoped that the fire breathing function of the guard tower will be changed to the basic function, reduce the damage value for balance, and design a unique appearance

I have a creative suggestion to increase building health by 2% per shipment

A unique “paladin” unit that replaces the heavy cavalry in Majue

Unique “Crusader Crossbowman” unit, replacing the Barrack Crossbowman

There are many interesting details about Japanese civilization

The lack of a lance infantry unit, the most important military unit in the Sengoku period, in fact, the defensive attributes of the Japanese Musketeers could be significantly reduced to a more pure light infantry.

Musketeers and samurai and archers, with flags on their backs, the Japanese like that

Please consider the possibility of adding a special feature for Japanese generals, where generals can sit on a stool, which is equivalent to turning on the flag function instead of the morale function.

Expect to see Polish wing cavalry become an unlimited number of mercenary shipping units.

Add a new livestock card, all current livestock animals, the maximum number of livestock animals increased.

I want to slightly reduce the Mexican Cowboys’ attack and power accumulation abilities, because they are so powerful that I need at least two or more units to be able to defeat them in the field.

I would like to discuss the “homogenization” of the skin of a large number of buildings and units. For example, the French parliament can use the Arc de Triomphe as the skin, Germany can use the Brandenburg Gate, the Netherlands can use the Royal Palace of Amsterdam, and Japan can use the shogunate to replace the town center with similar wonders or landmarks. Of course, the basic values can remain the same, and it can be a miniature version of the model

The building model is expected to be substantially revised as a whole

In Treaty mode, players will have plenty of time to experience urban construction, perhaps farmers can have some decorative construction, such as fountains, brick pavement (to speed up the march), of course, these require wood and construction time

I must emphasize that the soldier rank promotion feature is great and hopefully more units will have it

Each map has a random four seasons function, rain, sunshine, snow, spring, summer, autumn and winter, more changes in vegetation, animals, terrain, natives, treasures, you know, treaty players may often use one or two maps

China is a huge topic, but I think China’s design is not so good that it hardly plays Chinese civilization, every time tying up various cheap soldiers with poor attributes, making them look bad, Ming and Qing dynasties, there are a lot of hot weapons and cold weapons units, one of my ideas is that they can be merged into the composition of Chinese civilization, Chinese civilization will have the elements of at least two dynasties, and the arms will no longer be bundled and sold, but carefully designed and newly launched. I believe that China is a huge market with huge promotion potential. After all, in the process of China’s reform and opening up, most young people who come into contact with computers have played Red Alert games, which is a market that needs to be developed for real-time strategy games. You could use a gold mine like here

In Treaty mode the French Age 2 card slot needs to be expanded, at least I need to hold 11 cards

Due to the characteristics of team cooperation in treaty mode, it is recommended to summarize the previous point that it is hoped that Treaty mode can open an additional 2 team card slots, and at least allow players to select 2 team cards to join the special card slot, which has saved 25 card slot resources.

In short, the game has too many details to add before promoting new dlc and new civilizations

Is this not just an extended version of your other post? May be easier to just edit your previous Suggestion thread to include this.

That aside:


I’m all for the Maltese leaning into their defensive schtick as that rings true histroically and actually agree with the fire tower suggestion - its a shipment I rarely send so having them having a unique outpost would make sense (use the skin or a modifed skin of the Battery Tower).

However, looking at the suggestions of Paladin (you can already access Order Curiassiers - why do we need Paladins? Also ‘Maltese Paladins’ are not a thing) and Crusader Crossbowmen (they already get a Royal Guard Crossbowman - why do they need it renamed and even more archaic?), I disagree with them.

Whilst I get that the focus of Malta from an aethetics viewpoint is their 16th century defense of the islands from the Ottomans, it’s not of crusader stuff. Crusaders are a thing of the past, firmly medieval. We need to look at Malta in the 1500s and beyond.

This is actually why one of my pet-peeves of Malta is their Hospitallers - they should have been demi-armoured, flamboyant swordsmen, not the 1300s chainmail-clad guys. So no more crusader-lookings stuff please!

Regarding the Sentinels (the age old issue…):

  • I don’t think making them similar to Portuguese Muskets is the answer (why not just give them normal standard Muskets in that case?)
  • Having a production limit on them will not help their cause. Musket heavy infantry are meant to be a relatively basic, general use component of many Euro civs - why restrict them?
  • I personally think you have two options - keep the 2 pop cost but make their Defender Aura much better defensively when near buildings (i.e. up their melee damage / resist). They should be arguably the best musket-type stat-wise, but only near their buildings and very mediocre outside that - the empasis on being fantastic defenders that can be used offensively if you ulitise their ability to pop-up Outposts to fight nearby. Option 2 is the more boring solution - change to 1 pop, make them as ‘good’ as a Rekrut in normal conditions though Brit/Port RG musket level when near buildings, with a lower resource cost.
  • The subject of Sentinels and their balance/improvement is big enough to be a thread topic itself (and is) - there’s a fair amount ot discuss on them.


Whilst seeing banners is cool (and I’d love to have seen them as part of their Exalted upgrade), it is just an aesthetic thing that hasn’t really been a burning issue.

Japanese generals are present effectively in the form of Daimyos/Shoguns - there’s really no need to convolute the pool of niche units.

Good luck with that request. Euros are fine on the building front (though I will always push that Unique Buildings like the Manor House or Feitoria upgrade should have their own skins as a Unique asset to its civ along the same lines as UUs).

I’d also put forward that many folks don’t particularly like the idea of unique one-of-a-kind real-life buildings as normal buildings in-game as it just completely breaks the immersion of you establishing another settlement for your nation - especially when you have your Home City in the background!