A tiny nerf to monks

Why not but in exchange, monk should get better options to micro.

I can only show you if spectated game can be saved as replay. The games are between 2.2k+ elo players.
I have never lose anything to scouts, but high elo player can make my villagers idle with scout and i think that’s all they want.

TimoderGrobe pointed out it’s a castle age tech.

You should lose the game or the opponent is too noob If you can save up 1000 gold in castle age. I am not sure if I can do this to a player who got 200 elo lower.

but it is easier for them compare with adding a new feature.

People will not believe you can dodge arrow. I said I can do it in an infantry post but people think I am trolling.
I don’t have 2.2k, but I think if you have better micro, you should be at least 1.4k, but from what I read in the previous post, you got less than 1.2k , tell me how ?

This is your point, you asked me twice in this and another post to play and watch more.
I realized your elo because you replied to my opinion of “I am not the braindead person who played 1k+ games but still with less than 1.2k elo” . I have seen people played 2k, even 3k+ games with 1k elo. Come on, please tell me how to describe them. My point has never been " low elo is bad " .it is similar to " people did math 1000 times but they still can’t calculate 1+1".

Only ranked games count in your records, and i think you are a TG player from what I read in the post " 1v1 player don’t understand the balance ". Have you ever tried to play toward winning when you can’t improve at all ?

You might did something wrong if you can’t increase your elo at all at your current elo, so I don’t think you know the game better than most of the people do.

There are enough streams by pro players that if it exists, you should be able to find it.

Yeah, but I don’t think this is an issue to begin with.

I don’t play 1v1s and my build orders are pretty loose. I go up with 22 pop usually. Also, I really don’t like certain maps are I play really bad there.

But also, I have an easy average eAPM of 50, which is enough to manage everything comfortably. That is also enough APM to dodge arrows, and take mangonels with archers.

Now, if you don’t believe that, it’s fine. You can look at my open map games.

I have always been open about my ELO and number of games played. My account has the same name and you can look it up on aoe insights.

That is why I took it as a personal insult. Also, some people just don’t want to go up in ELO. They like where they are. I am at a point where I can comfortably win games if my teammates perform at least decently well. However, due to the extreme variability of team games, I also lose a lot. That’s fine.

I can play 5k games and still not get past 1.2k Elo as long as I don’t work on my build orders.

If you don’t believe that, it’s fine. Not really trying to convince anyone of who I am. I am more interested in theory, because that’s what has always interested me. I have a masters in mathematics for a reason. As long as people engage with my ideas, I’m good.

Also, you still don’t get it. It’s not that I can’t improve my ELO, it’s that I don’t want to. There are no incentives here. Now, that bet is still available.

My current 1v1 ELO is around 900. Bet like $200 and I’ll reach 1.2 in a month. I don’t think I’ll have much of a problem till around 1.8k Elo, and I’ll take anyone’s bet. We can disuss the terms. The thing here is repeated, grindy, practice. You need to excecute things without deliberately thinking about them. I already have musical instruments which are irl grinds. So, this is just too much. Decision making and reading the map comes in second. But I’m not too worried about those.

If you can’t take the bet though, don’t question my Elo. Not saying this to you specifically, but the sentiment is annoying.

monks need auto-attack like in AOE 1

monks are trash now

That I actually agree with, though it would be annoying to deal with.


annoying to deal with would mean they would be fun to use

It is. Many people just ignored that tech because of the insane cost. It will solve your issue if the devs can lower the cost.

Sometimes you don’t want to win game, right ? it’s called smurf or trolling in ranked games. You are hiding in low elo players so that people can’t find you out.

No, I don’t ever troll. Smurfing is when you deliberately lose games just to lower your Elo. I also never do this. If I early quit a game, that’s usually because I got arena 5 times in a row, and I’d go insane playing it again. I hate that map.

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I agree. I only research Faith/Heresy in team game mid-to-late imperial age of for some reason my opponent masses monks (Black Forest I guess).

I recently saw a game of Yo vs Hera or Viper (I think Yo’s opponent was Slavs, in a Best of 21), and Yo had was seemed to be a game winning move by researching Heresy and throwing knights against knights+monks. But this is a rare occurence which shouldnt happen at my elo.

I would like it if Faith and Heresy were cheaper.

I think a problem is that OP wants mainly to buff Elephants and avoid buffing knights. He doesnt like the idea because Faith comes in late and Heresy is only available to Malaya (among the 8 Elephants civs: Ben, Bum, Dra, Gur, Khm, Mal, Per, Vie).

This is a little off topic, but I would rather give elephants anti-horses bonus damage and favor a skirms+elephants combo, where skirms kill monks and pikes, and elephant protect skirms and push the base.

No, I think he is not try harding, by playing more relaxed (lower APM) and by often not going for the classic knights or xbows meta.

If so it is neither smurfing nor trolling as long as he ia playing consistently. It is just playing for fun against players he will have 50% of win chances.

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I liked the way you are playing, but people can always abuse the report and it’s what made me mad. so I think your opinion can’t be recommended.

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