A ..very long.. series of reveals?

So today I was checking back various articles and the available information about AoEIV so far when I came across this letter, posted on November 15, 2019. A Letter to All Age Fans

There’s something in there that we might had not paid too much attention back then.

“we start the long (very long!) series of reveals about Age of Empires IV.”

So, 1 year ago we saw the first of a very long series of reveals about AoEIV. One year after that we still haven’t seen anything else. That makes me wonder of how long this series of reveals is actually going to be and how far away from release AoEIV still is.

It might be a good indication that the game is unfortunately still a long way off, or at least longer than some of us thought.



Well, this make sense.

I Think how 2020 has panned out, a lot of ideas that was planned to be revealed had to be shelved until they sorted out how to conduct development and what news could be revealed during this rough period of time.