A very personal opinions regarding a weapon. (NOT ABOUT GENERAL WEAPON SCALING)

First of all, an enormous thanks to the developers for delivering us the wonderful game. :innocent:
The game brought me back to the AoE franchise in 10 years.
Although I love the game in general, I have a very personal plea for the graphics.

I absolutely love longer/bigger weapons, especially the longer lance. however, I’ve noticed a little change after the showcase video. The tip of the lance were enlarged.

Lancehead of English knights from the Gameplay Trailer. It’s just continuous tapering shape, I absolutely loved how it looked like.

But at the Official Trailer from the showcase, it was modified a bit.

The lancehead of the Royal Knight unit for the French civilisation.
The head became thicker.

Maybe this is because these 2 units got slightly different weapon/got a different upgrades, but I’m writing this post under the assumption that they aren’t.

Most people wouldn’t mind this change, and find my complaint a bit weird.
You know, the developers should be busy fixing this and modifying that. Why would they concern this very minor and peripheral detail?

Well, I understand. They are busy working on the more major factors indeed. But I find the change a bit unsatisfactory, and it matters to me. I just wanted to express my personal voice.

Long stories short, I just would like to get a simple feature for modifying the weapon’s detail by the players’ preference. Or perhaps change the tip’s appearance thinner, like how it was before.

And if this is due to the weapon upgrade differences, could you make the lancehead of the more stronger version “thinner”, like those on the first image??? It won’t hurt the readability issue because their colours are different to each other.

Thanks for reading this. It’s just my personal preference though, as I mentioned at the title.

P.S. Don’t shorten the weapon length please. I really love to see the longer weapons, as they look cooler, but also good to recognise during the gameplay.

is tehre any reason for this request besides your opinion? is it leass realistic that way? because if it is, there may very well be a lot ppl who would support your claim and ask for smaller tips :wink:

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Not sure, but actually I’ve never seen a lance with bigger lancehead like the second image.