A video about problems in villager control


The last one “building with other units selected”
Is SOOOOOOO frustrating, not even for vils.
But for RAMS

Pikes can not build RAM if horse/archers is selected. WHY?!

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selecting, controlling and directing units is so fumbly right now, sometimes you get waypoints feedback sometimes not, cant select a particular unit from a group easily, the hitboxes are too big, cant select fish or direct fishing ships to fishes,

Agree, villagercontroll is sometimes utterly tideus. Unfortunately your comments faint a little to fast to read everything clearly. but yeah, devs should try optimizing this. As you showed with the prelat, its extremely annoying to group different unittypes. Also agree with SugaryGraph.

I do agree that it’s better if it’s fixed…

Here’s another one.
Making a control group of the same unit to another group doesn’t remove them from the last group. Hate that so bad. I know i remove them from their former group by making another unit that group, but that’s a waste of time. Why not just copy SC2. lol…