A way to load a saved game or a replay into the scenario editor

It might sound strange, but I would like to be able to load a saved game into the scenario editor to be able to start a game on a map of a game that was already played, or to start a game in the middle of a replay. For instance, you played a game where the enemy had you surrounded and you lost, but you want to be able to try to break the seige again and again until you are able to do so. I don’t care if all the unit’s pathing or current actions are lost, just being able to say, play on a battlefield of a game you played before would be a unique experience and is difficult to recreate in the scenario editor from scratch. There’s no way to easily set the buildings or unit’s health without doing it manually and for each unit using triggers. Perhaps a simple slider added to the unit tab to set starting health would be nice. Oh, and buildings walls in game is different than doing it in the editor. Overall it’s just hard to recreate the “played in” feel that a map generated using this method would provide.

Any thoughts on this? Anyone have any ideas how it could be done?

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