A Whole Lot of Love Today

I reached my daily limit for likes given today and I received so many likes today, my entire notification bar was just notifications of likes. Today was a great day for some forum love.


Ahh, forum love, it’s great.

Forum love? Hmm, a strange notion here

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Also, we didn’t have any Equalizer evasions today or any stupid balance suggestions.

Today was mostly us helping a forum user with going cross-bows vs knights, apart from the ban nomad thread today was nice and relaxing.

Oh, and this happened to me.

I’m in your screen shot now I’ll be famous


Too bad the original poster is currently suspended, he even made a post about forum love and he’s suspended now for being a nice guy.

Alright, I’ll stop evading suspension now, I’m sorry. It’s only three days. I shouldn’t have made an evasion account I’ll never do it again, I’m sorry.

I’m sorry. :frowning_face:

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He’s back. And I wouldn’t say he was a perfectly nice guy but he is a decent guy who definitely didn’t go crazy during his suspension.

Update: And I’m back now after another suspension.


What do you do? :laughing:

Off topic discussion.


How is it “wow”?

That one is banned for something like that, I just find crass, somehow.

What do you mean?

Guess who’s going off topic again…

I don’t understand the question.^^

I thought you asked me what did you do as in what did I do to get suspended.

Not funny.



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Not funny!!!