A wonderful adventure this Civilization was!

The Cumans civilization is rather interesting. The way I see it… Why advance to the Castle age? You already are in the castle age! lol

Dude, the Cumans are awful in nearly every player’s opinion noobs find them weird and difficult to play and the civ just sucks outright for pro games, how are they “wonderful”? Would you care to explain?

Because he still enjoyed using the civ.

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I just think this forum is not mentioned to be a youtubers promo place.
And therefore I will not watch this vids, sorry.


I like LeThaL here but he advertises his videos far too much. @LeThaLeks, tone down the advertising and give us some valuable ideas and views.

You do you. No need to apologize.

If you watched the end of the 2nd game as soon as I hit castle I research capped ram and plummeted right through his walls and base. A very good unit to create especially against “Archer Civilizations” because it forces them to micro.

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Yep. xD I sure did my man.

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