Abassid: Camel Traders

Abassid is considered one of the weaker civs right now in part because their play is very “standard”. In order to bring some more flavor to the civ, I suggest that Abassid become the Trade civ in the same way that Delhi is the Sacred Site civ, and HRE is the relic civ.

To give Abassid more trade flavor, I suggest that their traders use camels rather than horses, allowing their traders to benefit from other camel techs such as the faster movement speed and armor. I think this would give the civ a much needed boost and carve out a distinct play style that isn’t yet well explored in the game. Also I feel that visually this would just look cool, and we might as well further lean into Abassid as the camel civ.

Would it be OP? Maybe, but Abassid right now appears to be in need of buffs, and on top of that trade is a notoriously finicky thing to maintain, requiring consistent map control and investment to pull off. And if it’s not strong, at the very least I think camel traders would give Abassid some more flavor to their gameplay. What do you think?


Mongols and Abbasid are already Trade civs. Abbasid traders are the best in the game with 30% more gold return and ontop of that you get 25% of gold returned as any ressource of your choice. Food, wood or even stone.

Mongols have traders return all ressources and have increased speed on their traders thanks to Zerg creep from their creep tumors.

So far no one has made a lot of use out of the Abbasid trade. Atleast not on high level. Abbasid still retains their flexibility due to being able to build siege units on the field. They are not a weak civ by any means. They are just not being played as much because Rus is overwhelming everyone with their FC and because they thrive in the pro scout meta. And since pro Scout meta is everywhere, no one is experimenting much with Abbbasids.


The issue is 1v1 Abbasids its hard to get to the point where you can effectively trade on most maps. It’s amazing in team games with best traders and also cheapest traders. The problem is they dont have a great counter for China/Rus which is popular in team games.

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