Abbasid big buffs hidden? or is this a bug on 11009 patch notes?


So devs ignored all Abbasids suggestions or they just choose to ignore Abbasid after saying 11009 will be Abbasids patch?

By the way a full nerf of seige is a DIRECT nerf to abbasids but i guess noone of devs play abbasids to know that this patch has more nerfs to abbasids than buffs while you calling it “The Abbasids patch”

I cant see camels buff ?

Abbasid still has 2 landmarks on a game you build on landmark victory? omg i wont even mention everything about this unfinished civ forums are full of abbasids rework suggestions

since you have “all the data” you must have noticed most abbasid main players quit the game

I had hope on abbasid patch 11009 to bring real buffs for abbasids but streamers were right abbasid will always be the worst cause of investors money and obvious political reasons.

if this patch got went live like this with 1 abbasid weak buff well i quit too

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Weak buff?
Dude that berries buff is crazy. Abby is already a extreme food surplus civ, 2 TC age 3 push should be a real threat.

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it will make delhi S tier but not abbasid though

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I am very excited with the siege nerfs because it was needed for the game no matter what civ you play. Age of siege was a bit annoying. With the dhow buff and fishing nerf I feel that the French naval domination will be less of a thing. Berries buff I think is underrated. Abbasid is my most played I love them.

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Do you think he kept his promises? ? Very perfunctory, this update abbasid is more like a giveaway :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:Don’t get your hopes up, this is the end result,