Abbasid changed id like to see as veteran abbasid player

I played abbasid since launch
it was fun at the start with lower elo until u meet your match and the civs bonus decide if u win or lose
turned out later they are the worst civ now in the ladder with 42% winrate for +1500 elo>1500
one huge disadventage with abbasid is that when u age up you dont get your bonus while all other civs do
instead u have to waste another min and bunch of resources to get your bonus
My suggestion is:
abbasid age up in one min instead of 2 (to keep up with other civs age time)
abbasid get the first bonus of their wing for free upon age up
change camel rider dmg from (9+18) to (18 + 9) to make it useful vs other units
lower camel archers cost

everyone is tired of same old meta (mongol / rus / french) deminating the leaderboard
i hope my feedback will be take to consideration
otherwise this game remain rus and mong simulator


As a veteran in every civ I can tell that you should play other civs before suggesting balance changes, 9+18 into 18+9…

what is you elo for suggest that? because i think to you miss some important point about why abbasid suck.

1350, it been a while since i played 1v1

please do share

i said im veteran in abbasid, didnt say i didnt try other civs
you speak as if that would make camels most op unit in the game

I agree that Camel Rider needs a buff or reduced cost, but 18+9 is way too much.

Camel Archer is pretty strong already and shouldn’t be buffed.

Faster tech up could be good, but I’m not convinced that it’s necessary. Just looking at winrates without considering the strat is a very poor basis for balancing a civ. Most Abbasid players just go blind 2 TC every game even when it’s a horrible choice. For example, Abbasid on 1 TC beat English on 1 TC in feudal age because they have a much stronger eco. Yet players still opt into a 2nd TC which is a self-counter vs a ram push.

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Strong ecology? ? Berries are the same efficiency as sheep, I’ve seen all civilizations 1TC beat abbsid, especially units with armor in feudal times

abbasid underperforms at all ELO levels, pays attention to strategy? Players over 1400ELO are already top players, they are not like me, they know strategy

It’s just 1v1. In multiplayer Abbasid is easily besieged as she only has two landmarks

At least get your numbers straight. Berries are faster than sheep and Abbasid get a 10% gather bonus due to golden age. If you compare it to the cost/value of the early eco techs it’s 500 ressources worth of tech. For free. Add 2 free vils thanks to eco wing on top of that.

I’ve watched high elo players play abbasid in tournaments. They still do ■■■■ like 2 TC vs an English ram push and lose the game because of it. They often don’t seem to know strategy that well.

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So for resume why abbassid suck:

unique unit are totaly trash in stat and costly innefiscient.

You age up are longer than other civ

your naval are trash (pretty funny in view of historical fact so)

your only viable wing is fresh foodstuff because if you have not this you are economicaly outplayed by all other civ.

you are oblige to play on the 4 ressources on the map instead of some other civ (mongol no rock and free gold, russian don’t need gold because they are broken and HRE with 3 relic can spam every gold unit in the game …)

You suck in feodal age because your unique unit are trash. And in other tier too.

you are oblige to have 2 TC for economical survive. That the only viable strategie for this civ.

you can’t manage who your second tc will target.

you can’t wall your base because if you do it you will lost your gold age bonus. You are oblige to group your landmark because of the mecanik of the game so it’s easy to suicide push destroy the TC and the landmark and you win even if you lost all the map. (elo FL or scoot rush)

some bonus of landmark are include on the landmark cost in all other civ but in abbassid you are oblige to pay for have the bonus … and sometime the cost is just prohibitiv.

Your building are not strong

your advantage (free siege tech on field) are shared by some other civ for nothing. And some civ have a better siege unit building advantage than you … hello mongol with 13 tile buildable on field springals.

you have 0 bonus on unit production instead of lot of other civ.

if you wanna have your third level of golden age you are oblige to spam useless building.

etc i can continue a lot.


Time, Age of Abbas leveling up takes 2 minutes, Tech takes 45 seconds Before that you don’t have any rewards


well said friend, well said

Just for the UK Ideally, the abbasid economy will be higher, of course if you spend 175 resources to upgrade technology, then you need, 2 minutes to get paid. Remember that only 600 resources are required to go from Dark Ages to Feudal Ages. 175 is very useful early in the game
Inked29a320405d3d5669250fc3c96c453f1449f6588815f_LI, the abbasid economy is the bottom of all civilizations

You have better eco than english even without fresh foodstuff. You collect food faster and the first feudal age usually comes in at around 5min which gives you another 10% gather rate on everything. That bonus alone is worth about 500 ressources if you compare it to the cost of the early eco techs.

E: This also doesn’t depend on your tech up time at all.

you can add:

you are out of pro scoot meta because your scoot and your tech is not includable on the classical build. fresh foodstuff + proscoot = meh wtf many gold i need.

you can’t contest relic against some civ if you don’t wall the relic (easy to counter) because you will be in any case later in castle age that classical rusher castle civ.

I fully agree with this, but I think it’s more of an issue with professional scout and fast castle being too strong and not Abbasid being too weak. As long as your opponent stays in feudal, like English, Abbasid feel very strong.

This is all ideal for a civilization to gain the most resources in 7 minutes and 30 seconds. In the case of players with the same skill, how to win the game with less resources and worse troops? ?

@Promillo9107 how abbasids are very strong in feudal ? they got 38% winrate in feudal compared to all other civs. they have no men at arms or lancers compared to other civs, their spearmen or archers are same like other civ or worse…

I think golden age should speed up aging and also should makes camel units stronger (or cheaper).