Abbasid civ (suggestion)

Its unfair play this civ because they have only two landmarks. Its too easy focus them (especially on 3v3 or 4v4). Please add them a few landmarks or balance the amount of hit points being harder to take them down.

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I would suggest increasing the health of the two Abbasid landmarks.


Abbassids are in a good spot now. Having 2 landmarks is a good trade off since they dont have to spend villager seconds building the landmark and their age up time has been buffed too in the later patches.


I agree that the Abbasid landmark could use more hp as you age up, but they have become a pretty reliable civ and are even competitive right now. Before, they were being avoided completely.

With upcoming improvements in the patch, I’m going to guess the Abbasid might become like Delhi: underdog civ to overpowered.

they are a boom civ so thats isnt enough in the actual rush meta.

They will already recieve quite significant buffs on the spring patch though.

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The House of Wisdom gets 5000 HP every time you age up. In total landmark health Abbasid only get beaten by China. They also get torch armor on top. A single camel will also reduce the torch damage of every horse around. This makes it actually pretty hard to landmark snipe Abbasid with cavalry. And if siege can hit your landmarks something else must have gone very wrong before.

Abbasid likely is #2 civ right behind Delhi already and the upcoming patch will probably make them op.

I think maybe the 3v3 and 4v4 maps should be reduced.

A small HP buff would help, especially if spread through the ages, but having only 2 landmarks has its benefits.

The main problem is how camels works in my opinion.

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