Abbasid civ

It’s too bad to see the Abbasid Dynasty instead of the Abbasid Caliphate. Not only is that the common term for them, but Dynasty is a Greek word while Caliphate came into English through Arabic, so using that word would allow the civ to speak its own language and call itself by its own name. Those little nuggets of flavor really help a civ feel unique and immersive. It’s a lost opportunity imo to sorta anglicize the civ in this way. This is a very fine point but it’s these details, such as the rhetorical power of choice of words, that really add up to give civs flavor. I hope they have time to reconsider.


Despite this sounding more like a food critique, I have to agree. Caliphate would have sounded nice, and made sense since we got Sultonate for Delhi already. Still, 4 months for a name change or two is still an option.

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Did they rename them because they were afraid of being associated with Daesh (IS/ISIS/ISIL)?
I mean they basically disappeared by now.

But I guess its the same reason why they don’t have Jihad as technology anymore.
But Dynasty sounds wrong, especially when China has a Dynasty system.
Unless the Chinese actually get renamed to the Dynasty ingame when they choose it like AoE3 revolutions.

Right on the money. But although is not too far-fetched to call it a dynasty since it was a family succession, they don’t have many reasons to not call it Caliphate

Considering that they don’t even have crosses on Christian cathedral you are probably right.
This is getting ridiculous now.


There are no crosses on the Cathedral?
The English priests/bishops very much use official Catholic iconography.

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that seems likely. However, they also display not one, but 2 civs basically, as i mentioned elsewhere. maybe caliphate doesnt fit both?
" Abbasid Caliphate and the Mamluk Sultanate. "

there you go. Maybe they thought the mamluk sultanate fans wouldnt like it being called a caliphate, and abbasids not to be called sultanate. So they chose what describes both best, Dynasty.

Maybe thats also the correct tterm and one of them led to the other through dynasty, not sure (no historical knowlege here)

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