Abbasid/Delhi Naval Balance

Sorry I might not fully understand the dynamics of their naval power, but it seems like these 2 civs are bad at naval games.

Aside for the delhi fishing boat rush, their ships seem worse, even for cost, compared to the other civs.

I usually dont dodge water maps, but when im forced into playing specific civs it makes me think I should join the map dodging.

Baglah (age 3) seems bad compared to the other civ’s vessels, doing half the damage per shot, means they are a lot more affected by the armour of the target and even with the secondary arrow their dps is still lower than the war junk, for only a slightly cheaper vessel?

on top of the fact that their range is lower so the opponent should almost always get the first hit in.

the xebec (age 4) is again a lower raw damage meaning more effected by armour, on top of not having a higher total dps.

maybe i need to watch some pros playing water maps because im missing something

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In theory the numbers add up to have similar strong ships. In practice it is a bit how you mentioned, range stronger > rest.

In castle age I guess one should utilize the stronger demolition ships abbasid got. Demolition ships are op as f… anyways.


yeah thats true, and i guess i need to get used to making sure i detonate the demo ship myself for the double detonation

even here i think that is before armour. the moment armour is added the dps of the low damage ships with high attack rates drops off much faster, when i have the time ill do the math

Also, because of the lower range, at certain numbers, like 10 ships vs 4 hulks, you need quite some time till the ships are in position to single target fire a specific hulk. It all adds up and what stays is that, especially abasid feels useless on water (as dehli at least you got fishing ships which can attack your opponents fishing ships right ? )