Abbasid/ english matchup explain me something dev

Hello dev,

explain me something.

How i suppose to win against english now? Your balance is broken right now because you don’t nerf magonel you destroy magonel there is no way to win at equal skill now.

In all this scenario it’s abbassid against english:

scenario 1: i stay in 1 TC and i make horseman and archer. nice strategy right? no … english people start with farm he made archer Maa and spearman. spearman protect archer maa kill everithing and tank my bow.
It’s simple you can’t win the fight at equal skill. As abbasid you should snipe archer … archer witch is more powerfull that your at same tech. So for equal ressource your suppose to over manage your army for win during this time people with the apm than my grandmother kill your armyr without any micro.
So you lost fight you lost game because he can beat your eco and take advantage. => loose

remember one stat if you wanna to fight equaly in feodal age against english player don’t have to put archery because it’s in the landmark and it’s an equivalent of 2 archery in production time and for finish longbowmen have 6 damage that mean to if you wanna fight equaly 5 longbowman you should have 6 normal archer… the ressource gap is just 350 wood for equal performance… and i do’nt count the range offcourse…

scenario 2: 2TC and spam archer /horseman. Same as before. If he is smart en put first ram at 8 minute during this time you have 2 tc and maybe 5 archer if you have luck. he push your TC with army and you loose … => loose

scenario 3: 2TC but he let you more time like first push at 10 min. you have a better economye and you can spam archer in 3/4 archery and have some cav … yeah but he has a better army and win the first push because he come will all tech. =>loose

scenario 4: 2TC but you wall and tower a lot … simple he use MAA for dance lambada on your tc and destroy your economy. =>loose

scenario 5: 1 TC fast castle and you go MAA/ mangonel/ crossbowman. simple he come with his army at minute 8/9 when you just gone casstle and you have loose. => loose

scenario 6: 2TC you gain time with an inferior army for going casstle when you finaly hit casstle (if you arrive to do it …) you go maa/mangonel crossbowman. Remember it’s suppose to be your strongest time as abbassid.
he just have to have 10 MAA longbowman and he win. why? because mangonel are totaly crap. if he pack his unit like 80% of player: one mangonel shoot hit 4 MAA with no real damage. if you wanna one shoot then you have to invest in 4 magonnel (1600 wood and 800 gold …) for killing in oneshoot 400 food and 80 gold. And you know what? there is another 6 MAA rushing and killing you mangonnel during this time …
You wanna shot on longbowman? yeah good idea bro but you will kill them by 4 and during this time MAA killing your mangonnel because you can’t kill then fast enough for don’t let them suicide on that… so for less ressource than you he win fight…
crossbowman against maa? yeah sure for equal ressource you will lost the fight because you have not enough crossbowman for don’t let MAA killing your mangonnel and during this time longbowman killing your crossbowman because we are not french and we have not infinite armor on crossbowman… =>loose

scenario 7: you hit casstle you manage to fight and finaly you go imperial because the game is more long than expected. Simple: you have loose. Why? maybe because you have a civ who can have infinite gold and food without MAP control and with free unit who destroy your building (hello free treb). If you don’t have good advantage before that you lost. You can see some epic pro replay when you can see chineese pro player loosing against english in imperial age even if they play pixel… ML vs viper … etc

scenario 8: the fast MAA rush in dark age. respect dev you do a right job you nerfed tower rush for mongol and now he creat MAA rush in dark age. Simple english people create a MAA minute 1 and rush your gold. Now with your new map “balance” the gold is never in range of your TC and if you are not aware of that you can simply never pass in feodal age … if you finaly manage well to pass feodal close to 5 min he pass in same time than you but he can totaly denie your gold and your rock in the begin and you can go in one previous scenario.

any idea? next time when you decide to destroy a unit ask you why you doing it AND TEST IT BEFORE IMPLEMENT.

I understand than mango was too good. But you nerf the damage from mango for more than 65% is is balance? Nerf it just by 30% and if it’s not enough do more. Don’t destroy a unit like that… because if you destroy a unit you can break all the balance from the previous patch witch was good.
i saw lot of game or there is no springal needed for counter siege unit …

english civ was bad in high elo for one reason they were bad in casstle age and imperial age. Now there imperial age is stronger than chineese imperial … and for castle they just ■■■■■■■ don’t care because the mass longbowman is not countered by mangonel anymore …