Abbasid feudal archers do not receive the full bonus from Composite Bows

Screenshots on imgur because I could not attach three screenshots to this post:

Version 7.0.5861.0

Reproduced in Skirmish with maximum resources and “inna jiffy” cheat for faster build / research times.

No special steps were taken outside of building an archery range, a House of Wisdom, training an archer, and researching Composite Bows.

Assuming the tooltip reflects the attack speed accurately, either feudal archers are too slow, or castle / imperial archers are too fast. But nothing indicates that they would be intended to have different attack speeds.


Well, since archers have a default attackspeed of 1.5seconds, all the values are bugged in game.
Increasing the attackspeed by 33% means shortening the attackcycle-duration by 33%.

→ 1.5 seconds *0,67 = 1.005seconds
The new AS should be 1.005s.
Something is going MASSIVELY wrong here.
I’ve already observed the same thing with eco upgrades and the english farm bonus.
The shown percentages are WAY higher than the bonus itself.

Thanks @psychomap! We’ll get the calculators out and take a look at what should be happening here. Much appreciated!