Abbasid statistics request

As an Abbassid player i love my trade units. Just did a very funny Abbassid mirror. And my early heavy trade carried me very far, i had more traders than villagers. While my opponent was dry of gold lol. So i could keep carrying with gold units. We were playing Confluence and we kept fighting at chokepoints. So i used to rivers to land some troops and raid my enemy to eventually win, an old aoe2 tactic haha. And also the second resource for trade units is very good.
But at the end i got curious about how many trade units i had and how much trade i accumulated through trade. But the statistics doesn’t specify this sadly. Same for the villager amount, does that include traders/tradeunits? I would love to see it specified.
And thank you for buffing the horsemen, they are very reliable now and very enjoyable :slight_smile: