Abbasid Suggestion (UI QoL Improvement)

Please add the building count to the UI for golden age.

Rus has a bounty notification for their bounty progress ABOVE the population count.

Devs, please add a similar feature for Abbasid UI to see their building progress (GOLDEN AGE) in the same spot.
Currently, you must click on the House of Wisdom to see progress, which is annoying, but more importantly, it doesn’t give a reminder to keep progressing towards that goal like the Rus have.


And since we are talking about it, please lower the buildings needed. 60 buildings is no where near a realistic 1v1 build, one needs to spam houses after 200 pop cap to reach it, which seems kinda odd. Thought, if you nicely build your base you should reach the threshold without spamming buildings one does not use or need.


Yes - both are valid points!!!

yes to both bumping this because I was just writing out this suggestion.


Getting back into the game again and playing Abbasid, I’d really like to see this UI update happen for them.

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Yea somewhere on the UI or replacing the I, II, III golden age icon above the house of wisdom. I can do the math and figure out what golden age I’m in if it just tells me how many buildings are connected.