Abbasid Trade wing - how to make it more interesting (while still balanced)

Keep the secondary resource, but also give it a bonus that makes market building 50% cheaper (150 wood to 75 wood) - It helps a lot in early game if you start with the trading, but also doesn’t break anything because in late game saving 75 wood means nothing.

Currently nobody ever plays trade wing first.


tbf i still think abbasid should get immediate advantages for selecting a specific wing, instead of always having to research something first

iaw, maybe just completing trade wing markets = 75w. but even then, how often do players want to start trading so early? even at 75w, would players start trading so early? meaning the trade would rarely be appealing anyway

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I hope devs make some tweaks about abbasids. All players choose same wing order.


With that, I agree. First row of bonuses could be instant free.

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It would be nice if each wing had some passive bonus. However, Abbasid are quite strong right now so there can’t really be straight buffs without compensation.

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yeah hopefully the next wave of balance changes, we start to see some things to diversify choices within civs, like the less used LMs, and things to incentivize different wings

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That’s the issue. If all players always go Economic Feudal - Cultural Castle - Military Imperial, then in practice, there is NO House of Wisdom dynamic Wings system for the Caliphate.

I hope this Topic develops further as the House of Wisdom is the heart of the Caliphate.

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