Abbasids language seems wrong?

Hi everyone,
I am really concern about the Abbasids language,

they should give us more infos about the Abbasids, and what language they will speak, if not Arabic it will be not just wrong history, it will be a disrespect to all Arabs and fake history, the reason I say that is because I didn’t understand what Abbasids said in the video and it does not look like Arabic, if they put some random Turkish/Persian NPCs or specific Turkish unit, it will be ok but the majority should speak Arabic, because after all it is an Arabic Civ and should represent the Arabs and in the end of its period the Mamluk take control but still it was under the name of the Abbasids and most of the population and soldiers were Arabs, and I am sure they will add Turkish and Persian Civs later on as DLC.

So what do you think about that and anyone could understand what language was used in Abbasids clips?

Note: I am not judging them, I am just concerned about that and waiting for official statement and infos.

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I think they used the Delhi Sultanate Perisan voice lines in that scene.
They were fighting them in the trailer so that makes sense.

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No there was another one, when they viewed their town at second 38 I guess.

Then they just mixed up the sounds.
I assume it’s more likely that the guy editing the video doesn’t know Persian or Arabic than that they for some reason gave the Abbasides Persian voice lines.

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I hope you are right, but I think they should give us more infos and clarify things