Abbasids language should be Arabic

Hi everyone and sorry for the long post in advance.
I am really concerned that Abbasids are speaking Persian in the latest trailer, because the official language of Abbasids was Arabic.

Now there is many senarios they could go for, some of them are good but the other will be disaster and un acceptable.

1- First senario they may just make some random Persian and Turkish NPCs but the Majority speak Arabic, and this will be acceptable and based on the fact that Abbasids conquer Persian lands and some of them depends on Turkish slaves in their army.

2- Second senario, the main language is Arabic and only some units will speak Persian and Turkish , and this will be acceptable too.

3- Third senario is that the footage in the trailer was from the campaign, and in the MP they will speak only Arabic and that is acceptable of course and make alot of sense.

4- Fourth senario that made me really concerned if they go with is that the language changes throw ages, like first two ages the Language is Arabic then in the Third it replaced with Persian and in the last age it become Turkish, now this would be a disaster and really un accurate historaclly, for many obvious reasons I will list some of them bellow:

  • The Official language of Abbasids is Arabic and the majority are Arabs.

  • Abbasids spread Arabic language through all the areas they controlled, also based on many Iranians and Arabs they forced Persian and Turkish to speak Arabic too.

  • The Abbasids Golden age were when the Arabs have full control before being destroyed by Mongols and before the Turkish Mamluks take control, so how the Abbasids will reach Golden age when there is no Arabs ?!

  • It is true that Mamluks take control after the destruction of the real Abbasids and that they some how fight under their name, but they could easily considered a different civs, because the real Abbasids was already destroyed and their slaves takes control over them. (Actually Mamluks means Slaves in Arabic, more specifically it means something you own).

  • Even when Mamluks take control, the land they controlled was Arabian lands and Persian lands who was being forced to learn and speak Arabic, so many of their armies keep speaking Arabic, and even so I really don’t consider them to be Abbasids in the first place.

  • This reduce the chances of having civs representing the Arabs and Persian, they just made a hybrid civ that is wrong historically and that is not acceptable by Arabs and Iranians.

In summary: this make me really un happy and concerned, and the majority who will feel me are Arabs and Iranians, because they understand the languages and they will notice that something is wrong, which will destroy the overall atmosphere of the game, I mean imagine you are playing French and they speak English it doesn’t feel good right ?

Finally if anyone knows infos about this or able to know infos please tell us, and what do think you about this?