Abbey of Kings - Suggestions & Ideas (+ Kremlin suggestion)

Currently, this is the MOST under-used building in all nations combined, primarily due to the incompatibility of its effect and what it offers to the English players.

I’ve did multiple runs and every time it seems completely out of place, since, even if used as a frontline proxy for units to hit and run, it’s not in its spot. English troops are more oriented on Archers and Man at Arms, and as such they do not have privilege or need for quick healing spot (and furthermore, archers can deploy their own healing fireplace…), so, to say the least, this is a development design error since it goes completely against what English stand for and how they play out.

Kremlin (RUS)
Maybe if it’s passive ability was moved somewhere else (to some other nation), for example, Kremlin (from the Rus) who could utilize it with Hit and Run tactics in early Feudal to heal up their horsemen (like French can with their upgrade). This could actually open up a revenue of utilities for Kremlin other than being upgraded Wooden Fort and it could contribute to higher pick rate (this would be my suggestion).

Back on topic

Anything turned more military based or economy based would benefit English more, as of now, and my inspiration for adjustment would come from Delhi Sultanate…
Tower of Victory is a great example of a ramp up landmark that scales well into lategame while not being completely useless in the early, and English players have a variant for more aggressive opening with Council Hall which can count as 2 Archery ranges.
As such, players are somewhat forced to play this strategy ONLY since Abbey of Kings is utterly useless for them, and their opening into Feudal is quite predictable…

If Abbey of Kings was to provide a more reasonable buff:

  1. +1 Damage for units
  2. +1 Melee and Ranged resistance
  3. +10-20% movement speed
  4. Combination of above or specific unit buffs (One for Horsemen, one for Infantry, etc)

These are all single pick options (that would work in same manner Tower of Victory does). I would love to see English players to have an alternative option if they do not want to open with Longbow harass in Feudal… And as such they would have an alternative if they want a more midgame composition and only thing that would suffer in this opening would be their early wood investments (since they would need archery ranges etc) and that would make them more suspected to harassment.

I have no intentions of making English OP, but this building needs immediate rework… Especially due the fact that good amount of 1v1 fights are oriented in Feudal advantage, and this lack of landmark is making English quite an easy nation to counter and predict, based on their opener.

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A soon as I figure how POLLS are made on forum, I’ll turn these buff/rework suggestions (1.-4.) into a POLL :sweat_smile: