Ability to see Tower Range visually in-game?

Good day everybody! I wanna say first that I love all the new improvements to Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition!! Alot of the nice new features are so good that I can barely even imagine me playing the original again. :smiley: Good job guys! :smiley:

Anyway, I was wondering, will there ever be an option or feature in the future, where you can easily see a tower’s range (specially firing towers) in-game? Similar to say in StarCraft, where if you click a defensive turret, you can see visually a radius of its range and see if you have any parts of your defensive structure that won’t be covered by your tower’s defense? I think its a nice feature to add in the future.

Anyway, thank you for your time and I am loving the game alot!! Money well spent IMHO. :slight_smile:


That would be nice, but I wonder if many of the classic Age players would be happy with it or not. Have you thought about mentioning this in the Age 4 forums as a feature suggestion?

This would be a good mod. It’s similar in use to grid mod and should be optional


I love grid mod. And also the mod that puts an icon over idle villagers so its easier to see them.

I have also been thinking the same thing. :smiley:

Hello! Yeah I do feel alot of classic Age players might get pissed with “changing the classic too much”, as I seen in the forums the amount of hate the new features are getting (ie. auto-seed, auto-scout) which I believe are GREAT additions to the game TBH. It personally made the game play more enjoyable with me focusing more on planning strategies and building up the right army instead of spending way more time micromanaging the economy. I mean in historically, don’t kings (which I assume the player is in this game) focus more on the macro and not the micro management side of running the empire? Isn’t that what feudal lords and lower nobles for? To help the king manage the little details in running his empire as he goes off on planning wars?

Besides, this can be toggled on or off anyway, and even when turned on, it would need a player to actually click a tower before the radius would be shown on the screen. :slight_smile:

As for mentioning this on Age 4, I haven’t exactly thought of that, as I’m too engaged rekindling my love for Age of Empires II with Definitive Edition hahahaha!! Will try to do so now. :smiley:

I’m good with it being a mod. Also wasn’t the grid mod already implemented as an actual option in the game?

Yes, it is. Grid Mod is better, but is option to show Grid in the game. And showing Tower range is no different. And could be option, like this.
BTW, this is standard in most RTS games.

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I am a enemy of auto scout and auto farm but I got absolute nothing against this. I would love it.

There is a difference between a better ui to allow the players to make better decision and auto festures that play the game for you actively making Scouting decision and actively managing your eco for you.

quening farms was an integral and fun part for me and I truly miss it. Now I am forced to attend to things I enjoy less, like controlling my army, also my enemy doesn’t need to manage his eco which stole my advantage of having a better managed eco


Related idea to show range of buildings while choosing place of their foundation


Well. You said what i was thinking. :smiley:

This is the most important focus of the game anyway :sweat_smile:

Yeah this is actually similar, although this suggestion took the concept even further and made more sense specially when building new buildings. It takes alot of the guesswork needed when placing buildings, specially with walls, towers, etc. I hope they would consider this. :slight_smile:

Yes please implement this ingame