Ability to take control of AI civ mid game

I know there is a cheat “natural wonders” to switch to Gaia player. Is there something similar to switch to an AI player?

you mean ############ ### ### F4…)

control + shift + F-Key

I hate this new censor.


F-key number is player number?

Does this assign AI to the player we left?

You have to check which player is which F-Key. I can’t see a real consistency there.
Just try the F-Keys until you get the player you want.

Just checked, looks like the player we left is not assigned an AI.

Hey @Chesqin can this be fixed?

It makes sense. You would have to start a game sharing the player 1 slot with an AI if you wanted that. Because you don’t, there’s nothing to take over. It would also be a bad idea, as one of the primary uses for this is scenario testing, and having the player run off and break stuff while you’re testing things is just stupid.

No that is not it’s primary uses. In the middle of a stagnant game with Ai allies and AI enemies, I can switch temporarily to allied AI to help spice things up. There are many ways it is useful in the game

I said one of the primary uses, not the only one. Besides, if my use as scenario testing is niche, so is playing with AI teammates, it’s not super common from what I’ve heard, most people prefer 1v1s against the AI, or playing TGs with humans. They are probably about equally non-mainstream.

All this time I kept playing the game because of its good AI.


So you’ve never played MP? What about campaigns?

There’s quite a lot of players playing against only AI (I’d advice trying MP and finding the right elo lobbies as those are always “spiced up”). Either way testing scnearios isn’t that niche and is indeed the sole purpose of the hotkeys to switch to players perspective. Albeit only added because the devs probably thought it’d be useful for their campaign creation.
To ‘spice things up’ in a stale game, isn’t that what the taunts are supposed to do? Though, I do see it is not as ‘strong’ of a system as you taking over control.

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Playing against AI sure. Is playing with an AI team-mate as common?

It’s been quite a few years since I played VS only AI (Like 6/7) but I assume the people who play VS 1 AI, would also like some teammates so I’d say so. :man_shrugging:

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Yes I never play MP almost never. Campaigns maybe less than 10% of my games. I always go to skirmish with AIs with different setups, Regicide, Empire War, Standard, with allies, with enemies, outnumbered by enemies, water, land and so many civs, it’s unending fun.


Do you not feel any interest in human interaction when playing? For example, why not find a friend and play with/against them? Does that just not appeal to you?

Sounds like they’re enjoying themselves. Not everyone has to want to play with it vs other players. Keep it up @BidGorgon527960 !


I also spent years and years just playing against AIs (some campaigns but mostly skirmish), both with AI allies and enemies. It indeed never got boring, I’m playing a lot with humans now but not because I didn’t have fun with AIs. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately it’s not currently possible to have the AI take over for a player mid-game, whether that’s when a player disconnects or when the player view is switched.