About AoE 2 DE logo


Do you find that this logo :


Is better than this ?


I don’t talk about the multi cultural aspect, but about the art quality.

The new one seems to be some painting forgotten in a wet cellar during 500 years. The old logo is ‘clean’ at this level.

Can you improve this please ?


Yes, I think it is better, we are no longer children.

I dig the new one. Obviously, it will never be as instantly recognizable/ iconic for me as the original, but that’s because the original is part of my childhood memories. The “Old painting” look is actually very appropriate, and the art itself is pretty neat.

The new one is better

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At first sight this painting style of logo seemed weird, but I think it is quite okay. Something different and it is okay to be a painting stlye because it comes from history :smiley:

wrong forum…
second that is not a logo, its art from the box the logo is the title with the II.

Some moderator moved the forum from Age 2 to Age 1, I didn’t understand too.

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I find the new one better. But if they remastered the original I would love it as well.